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About the Community:
So what's the community all about? It's a place for fans, friends, and the band to post stories, pictures, shows, anything you want! It's to expand the Silent Hero family!

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Steve: _applecore, uncle_emo (old journal)
Mike: hawaiimusic

About Silent Hero:There is nothing “silent” about Silent Hero. Unfortunately the words “brilliant,” “dynamic,” and “promising” don’t carry the same weight that the negation “Silent” Hero, but they would be far more accurate. Silent Hero is the name of the underground-rock sensation from Detroit. The music scene in the Detroit area is a bustling center of creative life, and Silent Hero stands out above the rest as having a progressive yet nostalgic take on their music.

Here’s the story: In the Fall of 2002, Steve Kinzer (lead vocals / keys / synths) began collaborating with Mike Peraino (lead guitar) and their styles blended instantly. They played their first show a few months later in January of 2003 and immediately impressed their listeners. Several different musicians have graced the band’s line-up, but the roster was finally completed when Derek Demara joined Silent Hero and added his own particular brand of vocals and guitar. Other Silent Hero staples include Larry Burdick (bass / vocals) and Todd K. Vesey (drums / percussion). These five musicians combine their talents and produce an explosive flavor of power/pop/rock that can be universally enjoyed by any music-lover.

It has been over three years since the band made its beginning and its members have accomplished quite a bit through hard work and determination. Live, they have been as far as South Carolina, and even grabbed a spot on the Vans Warped Tour. They have also been featured on local radio stations as well as purevolume.com. This past summer, Silent Hero shot a video for their rock anthem that happens to be the title-track off their new full-length album, “All That I Have.”

With an already impressive background, Silent Hero sets its sights ahead. The possibilities are endless for such a vibrant assemblage of instrumentalists.

Biography by Ruth Pranschke

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